Company Profile

PT Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia (“Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia”), established in 1990 as PT Madani Securities, is a securities company with extensive experience in financial and capital market. Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia is equipped with team that comprises of individuals who have valuable experience and in-depth knowledge of the capital market industry. Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia has developed strong clientele relationships by providing its client only with high quality brokerage and investment banking services.

Through hard work and dedication, Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia has successfully developped its business to become a securities company that offers comprehensive products and services to cater both retail and institutional clients, domestic and worldwide.

To achieve its mission in establishing Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia as a reputable securities company nationally and internationally, Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia’s priority is to deliver commitment in providing excellent service to every customers.

Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia is part of the Corpus financial group
that is integrated in the financial sector including:


To become a highly committed securities company that offers complete range of products and professional services in capital market, provides high quality services to every client or investor, and participates in the development of Indonesian Capital Market.


1. To provide a high quality international standard and competitive capital market services, with a concept “one stop services” to all clients.
2. To bring foreign investment to Indonesia, which includes financial investors and strategic investors.
3. To create investment opportunities in attractive and potential business sector or companies that can create the value for the stakeholder.



Providing solutions for customers’
investment needs.


In carrying out its business activities,
the company is committed to always being
responsible to Environment, Social, and
Corporate Governance (ECG).


Actively creating and analyzing
business opportunities.


Unity is the main concept in building
our team, as well as the basis for providing
services regardless of customers’ ethnicity,
race, religion and social economic status.


Professionals who continue
to develop themselves consistently
and positively.


A reliable, trustworthy, and
experienced investment

Company History

February 14


PT Madani Securities was established.

February 25


PT Madani Securities was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (formerly known as the Jakarta Stock Exchange) No: SI-32 / PM / KB / 1992.

PT Madani Securities obtained a Business License in the field of Underwriters (Underwriter License) from BAPEPAM No: KEP-62 / PM / 1992.

PT Madani Securities obtained a Business License in the field of Broker Dealer (Broker Dealer License) from BAPEPAM No: KEP-63 / PM / 1992.



PT Corpus Prima Mandiri acquired PT Madani Securities.

May 16


PT Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia has been operated effectively.

June 19


Launching CORE (Corpus Online Trading System);

Launched the first branch office in Surabaya.

Organizational Structure

Corporate Governance


Financial Report
For company financial statements, click here

Deed Date Notary Case
1230 March 201730 Mar 2017Dedy Pramono, SH, MKn
  • Change of name to PT Madani Sekuritas Indonesia
  • Change of street name on company’s address
  • Approval for granting of authority and power to a member ot the directors of the company or more
2329 November 201729 Nov 2017Dedy Pramono, SH, MKn

Board of Management

1416 May 201816 May 2018Chandra Lim, SH, LLM
  • Transfer of rights to shares
  • Changes in the Composition of the Directors and Commissioners of the Company, Kristhiono Gunarso as the main commissioner and Nency D N Panjaitan as Independent commisioner
  • Change of name to PT Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia
1516 May 201816 May 2018Chandra Lim, SH, LLM

Transactions and Process of Corporate Acquisition

1616 May 201816 May 2018Chandra Lim, SH, LLM

Transactions and Process of Corporate Acquisition

1716 May 201816 May 2018Chandra Lim, SH, LLM

Transactions and Process of Corporate Acquisition

35 June 20185 Jun 2018Chandra Lim, SH, LLM

Approval of acceptance of withdrawal for Hendrajanto Marta Sakti

1823 January 201923 Jan 2019Chandra Lim, SH, LLM

Appointment of Teuku Arfiansyah as Director

2410 July 201910 Jul 2019Chandra Lim, SH, LLM

Changes in paid up capital

5129 November 201929 Nov 2019Chandra Lim, SH, LLM
  • Approval and Ratification of the Company’s Annual Report and Financial Report for the Fiscal Year ending 31-12-2018
  • Appointment of the Company’s Independent Public Accountant
  • The appointment of Teuku Arfiansyah as President Director

Individual License

Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia is equipped with a team consisting of individuals who have
valuable experience and in-depth knowledge of the capital market industry.

The following is a list of names of employees who have official permission from OJK.

Deputy Underwriter (Wakil Penjamin Emisi Efek (WPEE))

No. Staff's Name Permit No.
1Antho DariusWPEEKEP-21/PM.21/PJ-WPEE/2016

Deputy Brokerage Trader (Wakil Perantara Pedagang Efek (WPPE))

No. Staff's Name Permit No.
1Nabela ArindaWPPEKEP-285/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2017
2Lina SupriyatingingsihWPPEKEP-410/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2018
3Indra KusumaWPPEKEP-1586/PM.212/KPJ-WPPE/2016
4Lily WulandariWPPEKEP-1955/PM.212/KPJ-WPPE/2016
5Ranty RostinaWPPEKEP-13/PM.21/WPPE/2016
6Yolanda Riska LesmanaWPPEKEP-236/PM.212/WPPE/2019
7Martua Zes MichaelWPPEKEP-2112/PM.212/KPJ-WPPE/2016
8Gilang RamadhanWPPEKEP-1273/PM.212/KPJ-WPPE/2016
9Agung Dwi NugrohoWPPEKEP-23/PM.21/2016
10Teuku ArfiansyahWPPEKEP-3304/PM.212/KPJ-WPPE/2016
11Muhammad Irsandy SyamsuddinWPPEKEP-235/PM.212/WPPE/2018
12Muhammad RusdiantoWPPEKEP-2278/PM.212/KPJ-WPPE/2016

Securities Brokerage Representative – Marketing (Wakil Perantara Pedagang Efek – Pemasaran (WPPE-P))

No. Staff's Name Permit No.
1I Gusti Agung Pramesti Dwi PutriWPPE-PKEP-365/PM.212/WPPEP/2017
2Ade Fajar MuzayinWPPE-PKEP-55/PM.212/WPPEP/2017
3Rina Karlina AnggraeniWPPE-PKEP-245/PM.212/WPPEP/2017
4Intaniar DinastiWPPE-PKEP-23/PM.21/2016

Our Location

Main Office

Treasury Office Tower, 1st Floor
Kawasan District 8, Lot 28 SCBD
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav.52-53, Jakarta 12190

Telp No. +62 21 5085 8838
No. Branch OfficeBranch Address Telp No.Telp E-mail

Grha Corpus 2nd floor, Jl. Embong Kenongo 7-9,
Surabaya 60271

(0231) 336 02020csi.surabaya@corpus-sekuritas.com
(kantor perwakilan cabang Surabaya)

Jl. Raya Langsep no.22, Bareng, Kec. Klojen,
Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65146

(0341) 508 3299csi.malang@corpus-sekuritas.com

Gedung Corpus Group, Jl. Pasir Kaliki no.81, Arjuna,
Kec. Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40172

(022) 2059 1705csi.bandung@corpus-sekuritas.com

Jl. Raya Padang Luwih no.8, Dalung, Kec. Kuta Utara,
Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

(03661) 906 3145csi.bali@corpus-sekuritas.com