We provide our clients with prompt access to traders, investment bankers, and members of
senior management. As a licensed securities firm, Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia provides traditional market transaction practices such as equity and fixed income brokerage, underwriting & financial advisory

Equity Capital Market

Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia is acknowledged as a premier equities sales and trading firm based on Broker Dealer License No. KEP-63/PM/1992

The Equities Division combines the efforts of the research, sales and IT (Information Technology) team to best serve our clients needs. Through in-depth analysis, the equity research analysts provide a steady stream of insights and ideas to our sales team which in turn supplies information to the customers concerning their needs. Our sales team, simultaneously offer feedback to the analysts regarding trends in the marketplace. Our IT team, make sure every information and update related to the market condition also available on our online trading system. This continual communication insures that our knowledge of the market is current and comprehensive.

Debt Capital Market

As an experienced institutional fixed income organizations, Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia is a leader in the underwriting, trading, distribution and analysis of a broad spectrum of fixed income securities. We can offer clients superior resources to assist them in making timely business and investment decisions. The fixed Income Division delivers the expertise necessary to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by today’s rapidly changing capital markets and to provide customized solutions to meet clients specific objectives and requirements.

Investment Banking

As an acknowledged independent investment bank with Underwriter License No. KEP-62/PM/1992, Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia combines the effectiveness of international investment banking expertise with the strategic importance of cultural sensitivity and on the ground knowledge.

We believe that meeting the needs of our clients requires a through knowledge of industry dynamics, individual strategic issues and competitive challenges, coupled with a command of the financial markets and years of proven experience.

Our professionals specialize in:
a. Capital Market
b. Corporate Finance
c. Restructuring
d. Mergers & Acquisitions
e. Private Placement
f. Structured Products

We work closely together to create a tailored solutions for clients that are both innovative and effective. The deals we execute also reflect out entrepreneurial culture and our belief that dedication, drive and innovation are critical to our success and the success of our clients.

Research (Riset)

Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia research is one of the most important pillars to support our main business activities. Research will give guidance and insight to our variable clients as well as to our staff members in all our business units mostly about the recent economic development, past data and projections as a whole, or even about individual company’s review. Corpus Sekuritas Indonesia provides daily research report and specific company’s report especially for initial public offering.